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Collins Bear Ink - TSK2039

Collins Bear Ink - TSK2039

  • 3900

  • BEAR is a solvent-based black ink that performs well on most difficult substrates such as UV coatings and plastics. The Bear ink does not require a UV curing lamp, and most often, does not need a conventional IR dryer. *Printer voltage settings must be adjusted to 7.6 in order to run the Bear ink.
  • Collins Bear Has excellent permanence and dry time, but as a result print quality suffers a little bit on PVC materials.
  • If faster dry-time is essential, Collins Bear ink is available with rapid dry times, ill work on Glossy UV, but with the tradeoff of lower print density.
  • Volume discounts available for orders over 24 cartridges.  Please call 480-593-6600 for details.
  • Discounted sample program available for first-time orders.  Call for details.

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