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SuperSize Bands - BULK - 12" Red, 14" Green, or 17" Blue

  • 17500

Industrial-Strength Large Rubber Bands

Alliance Rubber SuperSize Bands are an excellent choice for commercial and home use. These large rubber bands are versatile and can be used in warehouses when packing large odd-shaped items, eliminating the need for expensive twine and strapping. Extra large rubber bands can also secure drum liners in large trash bins and hold down box flaps for easier picking and packing. At home, you can use these large elastic bands to bundle carpets, cover up furniture with tarps and store large items together. SuperSize Bands are reusable and can be used to tackle a wide variety of jobs.​ 

  • Strong, durable and reusable
  • Part Number 24012     12" RED -      25 lbs (1500 bands/Case)
  • Part Number 2402201 14" GREEN - 25 lbs (1250 bands/Case)
  • Part Number 2403201 17" BLUE  -   25 lbs (1000 bands/Case)
  • More economical than twine or strapping

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